Losing Family Members to the Vaccine Debate

Today’s Sunday Special Podcast is going to be a different tone than usual. I am dealing with the loss of family members due to my family’s stance on the vaccine debate and vaccinating our child. I prepared to lose them over the debate, but am I really ready for the loss? Please be praying for my family during this time as we need them! God’s Will is just and beautiful in every situation.

If you can recall, I have made the correlation between the vaccine debate and Kanye West in a previous podcast.


The vaccine debate has two sides that are completely convinced that they are correct. This debate is much like the Calvinism vs Arminianism debate that we cover here at Living in Repentance. We lose friends and loved ones because of our stances, but is it worth the loss?

Both sides of the issue are determined to win. The extremes of both parties suggest that the other side is going to kill all of the children in the world if their worldview dominates. But is that really the case?

Family History

I come from a family of nurses or loved ones apart of the, “medical industrial complex”. My mother, cousin, cousin, aunt, aunt, and great aunt are all nurses here in central Ohio. They are all determined to believe that my wife and I are some Alex Jones’ loving conspiracy “nuts” with our firm stance on being against vaccines.

But can’t we just be concerned parents? I have a hard time being patient with people that just want to paint us as uninformed on the issue. Just because you are on the side that is the majority does not mean that the minority does not do their own homework. In fact, I can say with great confidence that I am more studied on the topic than most of my loved ones!

The truth of the matter is that in the end it does not matter what side is correct. We both want the world to be a better place for our children and their children.

Quick Thoughts on Vaccine Debate

I personally believe that we should not vaccinate in most circumstances. I mean… God did make an immune system for a reason.

We can bring up study after study to suggest that our viewpoint on this subject is correct until we both are blue in the face, but ultimately it is rare that either of us would ever change our mind.

I still have yet to understand how we cannot still have a relationship?

My wife lost her best friend to this debate. I lost my family. But why are the pro vaccine crowds so quick to disavow the loved ones that disagree with them? I have a feeling that in my case my family is afraid to find out that they have been wrong this whole time.

Vaccines are like 9/11, don’t you dare ever ask questions.

God bless


My Experiences Coming Out…

I remember hinting at my views and feelings to my loved ones for weeks and months on this topic… my new lifestyle. I had been feeling this way for quite some time, rather most of my life, but had never mustered up the courage to discuss it with any one. I was never educated enough on the subject to back up my beliefs and to counter the arguments that would inevitably come my way.

I would hint at it to my grandpa and his response was always silence. He wanted to debate with me but figured it was not a big enough deal to cause a fuss. I have been hinting at this view towards my wife for quite some time to soften the blow for when I finally come out and she is finally warming up to the idea. I remember telling my friend at work and her response was, “Zach, you need to stay away from false teachers”.

My subtle hints grew into more profound and boisterous statements. “Isn’t it crazy that God knew us before we were in our mother’s womb?” and “Only God knows what will come of our life” were easy statements to warm up my loved ones for the bomb I was about to drop.

I am coming out as a Calvinist.

shocked eyes GIF

My love for Billy Graham while I was falsely converted left me hungry and thirsty for more knowledge and depth in my sermons that I would listen to on podcasts or watch via YouTube. I started out with Wretched Radio, which opened my eyes to a whole slue of various Calvinist pastors. R.C. Sproul turned to John MacArthur, which turned to Paul Washer, which then turned to David Platt and Voddie Baucham. My eyes had been opened to all that I had grown up around. Calvinists were not scary as we hear from our pastors growing up or podcasts like Soteriology 101.


The sinner’s prayer has turned into my enemy and “Jesus sized hole in your heart” sermons have made my skin crawl. I can now back up my viewpoint as to the election and why that does not lead down to not having to evangelize. My pastor is very against Calvinism, but I think eventually I can hold my own in a discussion.

Coming out is not as difficult as I had once imagined. I think people are staying away form discussing it with me because they already assume I am ready for the arguments. It’s like arguing with a Mormon, they already know all of the questions you are going to ask, so what is the point.

south park mormons GIF by The Book of Mormon (Musical)

After the nightmare that ensued when my wife and I came out as anti-vaxxers and would not be vaccinating our child, I think I can handle anything.

If you are already inflamed, just add that I voted for Donald Trump to send you over the edge.

God bless

Episode 6 – Vaccines and Kanye


Hello, all!


-Have you ever been blackballed like Kanye West for sticking up for what you believe in?


-Thank you for choosing to listen to the podcast. It is episode 6 and I feel as if I have minimized the sos and buts already! Thank you for listening during these first episodes as each episode I get just a little better at podcasting.


-Today I had planned to talk about topics that interested me and current articles posted on Drudge, but last night provided that hiccup. My wife lost her best friend due to my wife standing up for what she believes in. We have decided not to vaccinate our child and the fallout for this decision has been difficult. Before last night, we found that the choice to not vaccinate our son was rather easy and although most people around us did not agree, we still found them to be loving towards us. This changed, however, as her closest friend decided that she did not want to be friends anymore as my wife was a danger to her daughter.


-I discuss this fallout, how my wife is handling it, and how this all relates on a micro level to what Kanye West is experiencing.


God Bless,

Episode 1 – and so it Begins!

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Today I talk about the top five podcasts that I love to listen to every day. These hosts have influenced my way of thinking, both spiritually and politically.

We get off focus a little on topics such as the new Christian movement, vaccines, alternative news, deep state sell outs, and of course, Donald Trump!

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