Episode 10 – WH Prayer and Sissy Boys


Welcome to the pod!


-I thank you all for blessing me with a wonderful experience with my first 10 episodes. A special shout out for Bill liking my Episode 9 post, I hope you really enjoyed it and did not just hit the like button by accident!


-Today we discuss the prayer going on at the White House and VP Mike Pence. Was he lying when he was saying that President Trump wants to start each meeting with prayer? I am not so sure. I think Pence can sometimes embellish the truth, but I find Trump being curious about Christianity and wants to experience it. We need to constantly pray for our President, not only for his eternal salvation, but the continued health of our nation.


-We will also be discussing the sissy boy movement in Christianity and how important it is for Christian men to be fit both spiritually and physically. If we are to witness to a non-believer or someone that is under a false salvation, we must be a lighthouse for that person to want to be drawn in to the faith. If we are unfit or it looks as if we do not take care of ourselves and our body, it will be hard for that person to take us seriously. A disciple of the word should be oozing with spiritual love and the Holy Spirit!


-I want to thank you all for listening to my podcasts, especially in the beginning when I am not very good at it. You are a tremendous blessing.


God bless!