Episode 11 – The Importance of being a Student of the Word


Hello and welcome to the pod!


-Today I am discussing the importance of studying and being a student of the Word, especially when it comes to our own spiritual growth and when we evangelize to non-believers.


-I use the Mormons as an example of how we should be in our evangelism. When arguing or debating a Mormon, they will be greatly more equipped than the average Christian. While evangelizing or sharing our faith with Mormons or Jews, we must be extremely careful and loving when discussing Jesus with them.


-I cannot stress enough the importance of being students of the Word. When hard times come into our lives, it is crucial that we have a strong understanding of the scripture so we can find our strength through Christ and Christ alone.


-During the Grace to You podcast I was listening to this morning before recording this blog, Pastor John MacArthur was discussing how to be a student of the Word. He challenged his listeners to read the Bible 20 minutes a day and to also read 1 John every day for 30 days. This will give us a greater understanding of 1 John and the confidence to really learn how to study the Bible. The 20 minute challenge is a rough estimate of how long it would take to read the Bible in a year if we read everyday.


-I am starting this challenge tomorrow, as should all of my followers. I think it is vital that we continue to be students of the Word, not only for our own spiritual health, but for the strength of the Church body.


God bless