Episode 24 – Crossfit Revisited and the Catholic Church Virus

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Hello and welcome to the podcast!


I dived into the Crossfit topic in my last podcast, listen to that podcast here.


-The first topic in discussion today is revisiting the Crossfit scandal that has already been swept under the rug, even in Christian circles. Russell Berger, the Crossfit marketing executive that was fired for his personal views on homosexual marriage, recently did an interview with Apologia Radio. I thought he was very intelligent and well thought out in this interview and it made me respect this man even more. He might get into different things that you may or may not agree with, but I actually found myself agreeing with all of his viewpoints.


The following excerpt was taken from www.faithwire.com:

“I think my comments were imprudent, and I think that it was unwise for me to use the platform that I have and largely use to act as a spokesperson for CrossFit Inc, to express my personal views,” Berger explained. “I put my company in a position that I wish I hadn’t. I put them in a position where they felt they had to weigh in on something that they otherwise wouldn’t have and I regret that. I think it distracts them from their mission and takes away time and energy and resources from making people fitter and healthier which is what they should be doing. I regret that,” he said.

I happen to agree with Russell here. I completely agree with his views on homosexual marriage and I commend him for standing for his beliefs as we will see later in the interview. But as an executive at a secular company who happens to stand strongly for LGBTQ rights, I can see why going against their social causes will lead to friction within the company. If he was just a personal trainer within the company, I think that this view would be changed, but he was a public figure for Crossfit.


What I found to be most impressive about this interview was his warning for us Christians that hold the same “orthodox” views as he does.

“It’s a really powerful and important lesson that all Christians should be aware of. This is a very common and very effective strategy that’s being employed by a certain segment of the LGBTQ community in terms of basically silencing any view that disagrees with their beliefs,” he warned. “You just need to be aware of that and be prepared for that should you make the decision to weigh in on a subject like I did. You have to understand that the pressure will be applied to you, but it will also be applied  to your employer, it will also be applied to your family members, it will be applied anywhere where those who are outraged by what you said think they can harm you. And that’s just the reality of the situation unfortunately.”

I am hoping that he can find another job soon. I do think, however, with the social media LGBTQ mob, he will have a hard time finding a position within the coming months. We constantly see various companies bowing down to the social mob that destroys their social reputations. Who knows, maybe he will show up at Chik-Fil-A or Hobby Lobby.


-The second article I discuss today is the virus that is the Vatican. There is so many sick details in the article that I discovered from www.foxnews.com that I will not talk about it on this blog. I do, however, discuss it in full detail on my podcast and discuss the Catholic Church as a whole.



God bless!


Episode 23 – Crossfit and Progressive Hypocrisy

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Hello and welcome to the pod!


-Today we are discussing the decision Crossfit made to fire one of the executives that decided to post his personal beliefs on his own Twitter page in regards to the LGBTQ pride workout that Crossfit was promoting.


-The executive in question, Russell Berger, was sharing some of his own opinons regarding the Crossfit Box in Indianapolis that canceled an LGBTQ workout, citing his personal beliefs as the reason. Because of this, national and local outrage ensued, thus leading to many employees quitting and the owner shutting down his business. Russell’s job as well was in the cross-hairs to the LGBTQ internet mob. Shortly after he posted his beliefs and later deleted the tweets, Crossfit had terminated his employment.


-Yes, this type of western persecution of Christians will not get very much attention from our brother and sisters overseas who face physical persecution for simply going to Church. They live in the shadows, changing church locations weekly, walking miles through the jungle just to worship with fellow believers. They face death every time they go outside, so yes, the persecution that we receive will not fall on very many listening ears.


-It is becoming increasingly more difficult to show our personal beliefs at work and online. The atheistic world will act as if defining certain actions as sinful is bigoted, sexist, or racist. The infallible word of God is the Holy Bible. In the scriptures it is laid out how we all shall live in our daily lives. Certain parts of this scripture have recently been deemed to be hateful, even by the progressive Christians that say they believe in the same Jesus Christ. He gave us these laws for a reason: To show that even though we sin daily and live in a constant battle against our flesh, God sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross to save us from ourselves. We now have a savior, that died for us, so that we may live in eternity with Him in Heaven.


-The text that we are studying in 1John 2:20-27 today is discussing how we have been anointed, thus having the knowledge to not be deceived by false teachers and the antichrist. In these times, if in fact they are the end times, we will face many different false teachers in our time. As the anointed ones written about in 1John Chapter 2, we have the strength to fight against these forces.


God bless!