Episode 19 – Pope Francis, 1John 2:7-11

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Hello and welcome to the pod!


-Today we are discussing the article from The American Conservative reporting on the recent conversation Pope Francis had with Juan Carlos Cruz. According to Juan Carlos, Pope Francis told him that being a homosexual is not a sin, that he was born gay and God loves him for it, as well as the Pope.


-Are we going to hear the Catholic Church come out against the Pope on this viewpoint. Are they going to say that Juan Carlos is stating something that is not true and he is in fact lying about the private conversation with the Pope?


-I am already assuming that the Catholic Church will bury this revelation and keep on moving along. They have quite the track record of burying stories and acting like nothing is going wrong within the Catholic Church and the Vatican. According to the Catechism, however, the Catholic Church holds the viewpoint that homosexuality is a sin. Are they going to go down the route that the Episcopal Church did in openly allowing and endorsing homosexuality?


-Is this a route that the Catholic Church is going down to help cover up the molestation of young boys from Priests in the Church? If they endorse homosexuality as an accepted action from God, maybe it will help soften the public backlash that the Church has received from covering up these evil actions.


-After this long discussion about the Pope, we dive back into our study of 1John. I am reading from the NASB John MacArthur Study Bible if you would like to follow along with your own Bible.


-This was a very important set of verses to cover for us today. The author John makes it very clear that we are to love our brother and walk in the light as Jesus walked in the light. If we do not walk in love as Jesus did, then we are walking in darkness and are unable to see which direction is out. I think that this is a very important distinction to make if you are trying to determine if you are truly saved or living under a false salvation. It is very difficult sometimes to love others, especially when they have wronged you. But remember Jesus on the cross. He loved everyone in the crowd and even pleaded to his Father to forgive them. Is that the Love you are striving for? Or are you walking in the darkness?


God bless!


Episode 3

Today I talk about the recent conversation Pope Francis had with a young boy named Emmanuele. This child asked the Pope what he thought happened to his Atheist father who recently passed. His answer may – or may not surprise you.

I also discuss what I see happening with this podcast and the new direction I would like to take while I am still learning how to do this!

God bless.