Episode 8 – Planned Parenthood and Hitler


Hello and welcome to the pod!


-Today I will be discussing the recent departure of the infamous CEO of Planned Parenthood. This topic gets us off on a lot of different tangents, so stay buckled in.


– The main focus point I wanted to hit on today’s pod was the question of who is more evil, the individual or those backing them?


– This question ultimately leads us to Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. Hitler was indeed evil, along with those around him, but is it more evil to support them for financial gain even when you know they are using it to promote evil?


– Planned Parenthood would not be where it is today without financial backing from the government. We must hold these republicans accountable for the $500M backing they gave PP in the recent spending package. I know it is easy to love Trump and back him not matter what, along with your favorite conservative, but we must hold these politicians accountable for their actions at the ballot box.


– With all of this evil being spewed throughout the world, it is more important for us than ever to pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. These individuals that spread evil for personal and financial gain must be prayed for constantly as we want them to be saved. Can you think of what good that would do if these individuals repented and started preaching the gospel? The lives they would save!


– Thank you for listening to this show today, we get a little into the weeds on different discussions, but that makes it more fun!


God bless


Episode 4

Today I discuss the recent news (reported by the Daily Wire) that Planned Parenthood of Indiana sued the Hoosier state because the Governor stated in a law that PP will be inspected at least once a year instead of “may” be inspected once a year. Yes, they are suing over this. Also, I fall off track and discuss 9/11, balanced budgets, and how PP is still being funded.

God Bless