Paul Washer

Paul Washer Almost Abducted

Do you Know Brother Paul Washer?

Brother Paul Washer is one of the most influential evangelists on earth today. His consistent voice of truth has made him one of my favorite pastors. I, of course, was turned on to him by Todd Friel at Wretched Radio. Brother Paul is a strong Calvinist and evangelist, spreading the news of Jesus Christ our Savior all across the world. This notion alone debunks the claim that Calvinists do not believe in witnessing.

The video from Wretched Radio is Paul Washer explaining how he was almost abducted in Peru. This story alone shows that the Holy Spirit is alive and well within Paul Washer. Even in dark times, Paul looks onto the Lord for strength and might.

Attempted Abduction!

He begins the video discussing the moments that led up to the attempted abduction. He stopped at a store in Peru to purchase some Bibles. When he left the store the local police told him that his car was illegal.

Paul was met by the policeman in the car and was berated with screaming and yelling. Then, Paul tells us that the policeman called some of the other cops to meet them at the place that Paul was driving to.

While the man was screaming, Paul was calm as he was praying to God. The man confronted Paul, asking why he was so calm. Paul then responded, telling the man that he was afraid. This made the man prideful.

But Paul was not afraid of him.

The Promise of God’s Wrath!

Paul went on to explain that he was afraid for the man as God’s wrath was going to kill him. He told the man that when he dies, which could be any minute, God would certainly send him to hell.

The man was so afraid and was so distraught that he let Paul go. He kept begging Paul to pray for him! Even in the heat of an abduction Paul was witnessing!

God bless brother Paul and all that he does to bring the Word of God to every corner of this world.



The Christian Men Shortage

Christian Men Behind the Church Pulpit

“Of the World” Preaching by Christian Men

Christian MenI first wanted to start out by saying that I do not mean to pick on Steven Furtick too much with this blog. I disagree with his teaching and think he tends to preach like a pharisee. He focuses on the worldly pleasures instead of empowering the massive flock that he leads. He, along with many others, are leading Christian men to a sissified form of the gospel. This movement reminds me of the trendy Christian cringe I stumbled upon while on vacation.

The mega church pastor has feminized the average Christian male. This epidemic starts with a simple cardigan and ends with skinny jeans with worn seems.

Furtick is falling behind quickly on the “culture-style” attire he wears on stage each Sunday. I refrain from saying the stage at his “church” actually has a pulpit.

But Carl Lentz has replaced Furtick on the “woke” scale. Lentz is famous for his answer (or lack-thereof) to an abortion question on The View.

Christian Men Lacking Biblical Discernment

Christian men that fill the pews on Sunday mornings at these mega churches are obviously lacking Biblical discernment. I say this because if you actually studied the Bible diligently you would realize that these churches are filled with filth and leave.

These pastors have created cult followings that are leading sheep to the slaughter. Thousands of men are being led to hear, “Depart from me…” at the day of their judgement because of mega pastors like Lentz and Furtick.

I am in no way saying that these two pastors are the sole reason for this epidemic, but there are a slue of false teachers on Christian television every day. It is important for the true men of God to stand against this movement in evangelicalism and call it for what it is.

Changing the Feminist Backslide

Christian MenIf we call out these false teachers, then we can begin to repair the churches that they have destroyed. The “un-tuck” shirt movement that has invaded the church stage has degraded the gospel to an alarming state of health. Christian men no longer see it necessary to promote themselves in a manly manner, but instead apologize for their masculinity.

Instead of following pastors such as Voddie Baucham and Paul Washer, Christian men are following false teachers that tickle their ears. The issue with Baucham and Washer is that they call us out for our sissified culture and what we need to do to change and repent.  Yes, the Bible clearly states that our wives should submit to us in marriage. But what is even more important is to love our wives like Christ loves the Church.

When men in the church leave their wives or watch pornography, it destroys the home. Then the foundation of the local church weakens. When the local church weakens the disease spreads to the community. Finally, when the whole community erodes the national movement starts.

These false teachers invade communities with their church planting and change the community from the inside out. True, Biblical doctrine is Christian Menseen as too “old school” and must be changed. They bring in non-believers with their coffee and keep them because of their wussy gospels.

And Finally…

We all have loved ones that are trapped in this movement. This movement is most likely making its way into the church you attend. First it is Jesus Culture music and soon enough your pastor will wear a t shirt instead of a suit. The Holy Spirit is evicted from these churches. This is due to true Christians leaving for another church. We did it! But it is even more important that strong Biblical people stay at that church to fight this disease. The great commission calls us to go and make disciples.

God bless you and your witnessing to these men lost in the movement.



My Experiences Coming Out…

I remember hinting at my views and feelings to my loved ones for weeks and months on this topic… my new lifestyle. I had been feeling this way for quite some time, rather most of my life, but had never mustered up the courage to discuss it with any one. I was never educated enough on the subject to back up my beliefs and to counter the arguments that would inevitably come my way.

I would hint at it to my grandpa and his response was always silence. He wanted to debate with me but figured it was not a big enough deal to cause a fuss. I have been hinting at this view towards my wife for quite some time to soften the blow for when I finally come out and she is finally warming up to the idea. I remember telling my friend at work and her response was, “Zach, you need to stay away from false teachers”.

My subtle hints grew into more profound and boisterous statements. “Isn’t it crazy that God knew us before we were in our mother’s womb?” and “Only God knows what will come of our life” were easy statements to warm up my loved ones for the bomb I was about to drop.

I am coming out as a Calvinist.

shocked eyes GIF

My love for Billy Graham while I was falsely converted left me hungry and thirsty for more knowledge and depth in my sermons that I would listen to on podcasts or watch via YouTube. I started out with Wretched Radio, which opened my eyes to a whole slue of various Calvinist pastors. R.C. Sproul turned to John MacArthur, which turned to Paul Washer, which then turned to David Platt and Voddie Baucham. My eyes had been opened to all that I had grown up around. Calvinists were not scary as we hear from our pastors growing up or podcasts like Soteriology 101.


The sinner’s prayer has turned into my enemy and “Jesus sized hole in your heart” sermons have made my skin crawl. I can now back up my viewpoint as to the election and why that does not lead down to not having to evangelize. My pastor is very against Calvinism, but I think eventually I can hold my own in a discussion.

Coming out is not as difficult as I had once imagined. I think people are staying away form discussing it with me because they already assume I am ready for the arguments. It’s like arguing with a Mormon, they already know all of the questions you are going to ask, so what is the point.

south park mormons GIF by The Book of Mormon (Musical)

After the nightmare that ensued when my wife and I came out as anti-vaxxers and would not be vaccinating our child, I think I can handle anything.

If you are already inflamed, just add that I voted for Donald Trump to send you over the edge.

God bless