Episode 26 – The Importance of Christ’s Love and 1John 3: 11-18

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Today we are discussing God’s love and how important it is that love is within all of us at all times. As we discussed on the latter part of Episode 25, the greatest commandment is to love others as love covers all other sin. In verse 10 of 1John Chapter 3, it discusses that people that do not practice righteousness are not of God, and neither are those that do not love their brethren.

We dive into a quick discussion about the current issues regarding immigration policies and splitting up families. This is a good issue for liberals to cling on to before the November elections instead of continuing to push a social agenda that their blue-collar base does not agree with. I personally believe, however, that we should not split up families at the border who are trying to cross into America. Yes, there is a discussion that needs to be had regarding the parents that use their children as props to get into the country, but what percentage is that compared to those that are trying to get here by any means necesasary? In the countries south of America, extreme poverty thrives. As someone that has traveled to central america a handful of times, I can say that the living conditions there are abhorrent. Fresh water rivers look like the river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. No plumbing or indoor air conditioning can lead to awful living conditions on the Equator.

If we lived in those countries, would we not try and do whatever it takes to get our children to America for a chance at a better life? I try and put myself in other’s shoes before I make a quick judgement on their actions. If I was at the border and had to tell the child that we had to separate them from their parents, I believe that I could not bring myself to do it. That would make me a hypocrite if I agreed with the law being presented by the GOP.

I find it difficult to discuss current events, especially ones where everyone’s emotions are running high. I find it difficult because I believe that I am not spiritually mature enough to have these debates and discussions without holding anger towards those that hold different viewpoints. This would not only make me a hypocrite, but a sinner because I am holding anger towards someone else. As stated in the Sermon on the Mount, holding anger towards someone else is like murdering them in my heart. Therefore, I think that this podcast might veer towards more of a Bible podcast with little emphasis on current events. I believe in calling out false prophets to the fullest extent, but these current event topics like border issues are hard for me to grasp on to. Emotions and anger run high, which may lead me to stumble.

Stumbling is something that I try and stray from. I hate the sin that I continue to wrestle with. I bring up the example in the podcast of Paul Washer during one of his most recent sermons. Paul was discussing how he does not watch television, not because he is holier than us, but because it may cause him to stumble in his faith. I have cut off things in my personal life as well, like certain sports websites or YouTube channels. Netflix has almost completely lost its hold on me, as I find myself feeling guilty for watching most of the content on the streaming service.

What is causing you to stumble? As Christians, we should cut those things off so we do not become detached from Jesus Christ.

One of the most powerful verses from today’s reading is verse 13 which states, “Do not be surprised, brethren, if the world hates you”. This is a powerful statement, because John is forecasting to us that the world will hate us because we follow Jesus Christ. This makes it extremely easy to stumble. Satan is ruling this world, under the allowance of God. Satan would want nothing less than to make us stumble and lose faith in Christ, or to have us live under a false salvation. That is what I did for 25 years of my life. What turned me around? Living under repentance and cutting off the things that caused me to stumble that were of this world. As Christians, it is crucial that we do not become conformed to this world. We must not be of the world or the culture. These things can cause us to stumble.

It is important that we remember that we are not of this world and the world may hate us for it. But is it not better to be hated by this world and have eternal life? Our reading ends with verse 18, which states, “Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth”. It is important that we do not just love with what we say. I lived most of my life like that, which made me a hypocrite. God is love. God equals love. As we have discussed, if we do not have love for the brethren, we are not of God. Love is the most important commandment as it covers a multitude of sins.

God bless!


Episode 25 – Ex-LGBTs Fight Back, 1John 3:4-10

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Hello and welcome to the podcast!

-Today we are discussing the recent protest of AB2943 in California. Why are we covering this? The group of 30 at this rally leading the charge are ex homosexual and ex transgenders that have turned to Jesus Christ and repented of their lifestyle.

There are two individuals from the Pulse Nightclub massacre that have also turned away from their lifestyles practicing homosexuality. Both of these men expressed their love for Christ and emphasized the importance they found in loving Christ and He is the only man they need in they life to rely upon.

There are two groups that will push back against this: The atheistic community in California and the progressive Christian sect that think this unrepentent lifestyle can still lead you to heaven. What will that group say about these 30 brave souls that have turned away from this sin? Probably crickets.

The article was pulled from www.lifesitenews.com. The most moving quote of the article came from Luis Javier Cruz, the survivor from the nightclub massacre. He stated that he, “found out that Jesus is the only man in my life who would die for me.”

-We end the episode discussing 1John and the text ties right into the topic we discussed about AB2943. How amazing is God’s love? Jesus Christ appeared on this earth to defeat sin, so that we may have eternal life. As we had discussed in the article today, we can find comfort in the fact that if we have true salvation, His seed dwells in us so that we may no longer live in sin. John re-emphasizes the importance of loving your brother in verse 10, thus showing us once again that the greatest commandment is love. Love is what drives us to live in righteousness and love is what covers a multitude of sins.

I believe this might be my best episode yet. Make sure to tune in for episode 25! A quarter of the way to 100. What a ride.

God bless!

Episode 23 – Crossfit and Progressive Hypocrisy

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Hello and welcome to the pod!


-Today we are discussing the decision Crossfit made to fire one of the executives that decided to post his personal beliefs on his own Twitter page in regards to the LGBTQ pride workout that Crossfit was promoting.


-The executive in question, Russell Berger, was sharing some of his own opinons regarding the Crossfit Box in Indianapolis that canceled an LGBTQ workout, citing his personal beliefs as the reason. Because of this, national and local outrage ensued, thus leading to many employees quitting and the owner shutting down his business. Russell’s job as well was in the cross-hairs to the LGBTQ internet mob. Shortly after he posted his beliefs and later deleted the tweets, Crossfit had terminated his employment.


-Yes, this type of western persecution of Christians will not get very much attention from our brother and sisters overseas who face physical persecution for simply going to Church. They live in the shadows, changing church locations weekly, walking miles through the jungle just to worship with fellow believers. They face death every time they go outside, so yes, the persecution that we receive will not fall on very many listening ears.


-It is becoming increasingly more difficult to show our personal beliefs at work and online. The atheistic world will act as if defining certain actions as sinful is bigoted, sexist, or racist. The infallible word of God is the Holy Bible. In the scriptures it is laid out how we all shall live in our daily lives. Certain parts of this scripture have recently been deemed to be hateful, even by the progressive Christians that say they believe in the same Jesus Christ. He gave us these laws for a reason: To show that even though we sin daily and live in a constant battle against our flesh, God sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross to save us from ourselves. We now have a savior, that died for us, so that we may live in eternity with Him in Heaven.


-The text that we are studying in 1John 2:20-27 today is discussing how we have been anointed, thus having the knowledge to not be deceived by false teachers and the antichrist. In these times, if in fact they are the end times, we will face many different false teachers in our time. As the anointed ones written about in 1John Chapter 2, we have the strength to fight against these forces.


God bless!

Episode 21 – Memorial Day Reflection and Studying 1John 2:17-19

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Hello again and welcome to the pod!


-I start out this podcast by discussing my reflection and thoughts during this Memorial Day while in prayer. I first discuss the dedication and powerful motivation of our service men and women that are willing to lay down their life for our freedoms. I also discuss the things we can learn from these service members and their dedication, both fighting for our country and our enemies and how we can learn from those people to help strengthen our motivation to fight for Christianity. These service members that have died for us also shows us that we need to stay focused and diligent in our focus on how our government operates and wanting a better future for our children.


-We start discussing 1John faster than usual as I want to change the format of the podcast a little bit. I want to start weaving my discussions into what we will read and study in the podcast instead of just reading a few articles before discussing our reading.


-Today John writes in verses 17 – 19 warning us about lusting after the world and focusing on a world that is a temporary one, run by the evil one. We must focus on our eternal salvation and the permanent world where we can spend our days in full worship of our Lord Jesus Christ. What is more important? The gains of this world or the eternal salvation promised to us through the Bible?


-I am slowly learning how to do a better job through my podcasts and will be redoing my podcast website here soon. I want to thank you bearing these first episodes as it has been a learning experience. I started this podcast thinking about being a Steven Crowder/ Ben Shapiro mold, but have quickly turned into a strong Christian podcast. I feel like that is my calling and I thank you all for praying for me through this journey as I pray for you.


God bless

Episode 20 – Divorce, Single Parenting, 1John 2:15,16

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Hello and welcome to the pod!


-Today we are diving into divorce rates and single parenting rates in the United States. I had planned on discussing other topics today, but a tweet I saw on Ben Shapiro’s Twitter feed sent me down the worm hole in researching divorce within the church and in the United States as a whole.


-I have the articles of my research posted at the bottom of this blog, but I wanted to dive into the disgusting statistics of divorce and marriage rates. Overall, marriage rates are steadily decreasing and have been for quite some time, but divorce rates are decreasing at a slower rate. This means that yes, divorce is in fact decreasing, but at a slower rate than the decline of marriages. Divorce rates are still relatively high compared to recent history, but marriage rates are the lowest that they have ever been.


-The Second topic today that I dive into is the single mother statistics. Currently, there are around 17.2 million children under the age of 18 that are living in a single parent household. This will not sustain the current culture that we live in today. Our culture continues to degrade and the main cause of this is broken families. Broken families and marriages destroy the lives that they influence.


-The most disgusting stats that I dive into on the podcast today are the divorce rates among evangelical Christians. Divorce rates are indeed lower than secular Americans, but the rates among Church goers are still disgusting and disheartening. Divorce is the elephant in the sanctuary when it comes to disciplining church members. I believe that we do not address divorce within our Church body because we know that the sanctuary is made up of broken families and if we preach on the importance of a strong family bond, those affected by divorce may leave to the Church down the street that does not stress this importance.


-(21:14) We are discussing our next two verses in the 1John study through the NASB John MacArthur Study Bible. These two verses a seasoned pastor could do a whole sermon series on. The thing we have to worry about as Christians is the constant battle between putting Christ above the lusts of this world.


God bless!