Sunday Special Podcast 8-5-18

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Hello friends and welcome to the podcast! Today we are discussing a slew of things here on the Sunday Special. Voddie Baucham, Pulpit and Pen, Donald Trump, and LGBT candidates!

Voddie Baucham

We begin by discussing Voddie Baucham on the podcast and play the opening statement from his recent teaching on homosexuality. He equips us with different responses we can use against common pro-LGBT arguments. He gives us the confidence we need to go out and witness to those that are living in an un-repentant sin.

“Pastor” Greg Locke

I shared a blog post from Pulpit and Pen late last night. Seth Dunn, the most controversial author of Pulpit and Pen penned an open letter to Taisha Cowan. Tai recently married the infamous “pastor” Greg Locke. Seth Dunn, in Seth Dunn fashion, was very animated in his criticism of the couple and Greg Locke. Locke and Dunn have ran into each other a couple of times before, highlighting the obvious fact that Locke is not a saved Christian.

President Trump

We then dive into Trump’s recent tweets about LeBron James. Although I did vote for Trump, these types of tweets are not productive for us as a nation. He is divisive, but he is also winning when he does this. The media goes absolutely insane over every tweet. This may have actually saved Urban Meyer’s job as the Twitter mob has moved to Trump yet again!

LGBT Candidates

And finally we cover the LGBT movement in Washington. The liberal left is focused on diversity of color and sex, but not thought. This will continue to harbor their growth as the middle of America is taking a significant stand. They are promoting progressive social issues and federal promises that are unable to be paid for. This does not matter, however, as you just need to promise everything you can to be elected.

God bless!



Episode 25 – Ex-LGBTs Fight Back, 1John 3:4-10

Click here to listen to Episode 25!


Hello and welcome to the podcast!

-Today we are discussing the recent protest of AB2943 in California. Why are we covering this? The group of 30 at this rally leading the charge are ex homosexual and ex transgenders that have turned to Jesus Christ and repented of their lifestyle.

There are two individuals from the Pulse Nightclub massacre that have also turned away from their lifestyles practicing homosexuality. Both of these men expressed their love for Christ and emphasized the importance they found in loving Christ and He is the only man they need in they life to rely upon.

There are two groups that will push back against this: The atheistic community in California and the progressive Christian sect that think this unrepentent lifestyle can still lead you to heaven. What will that group say about these 30 brave souls that have turned away from this sin? Probably crickets.

The article was pulled from www.lifesitenews.com. The most moving quote of the article came from Luis Javier Cruz, the survivor from the nightclub massacre. He stated that he, “found out that Jesus is the only man in my life who would die for me.”

-We end the episode discussing 1John and the text ties right into the topic we discussed about AB2943. How amazing is God’s love? Jesus Christ appeared on this earth to defeat sin, so that we may have eternal life. As we had discussed in the article today, we can find comfort in the fact that if we have true salvation, His seed dwells in us so that we may no longer live in sin. John re-emphasizes the importance of loving your brother in verse 10, thus showing us once again that the greatest commandment is love. Love is what drives us to live in righteousness and love is what covers a multitude of sins.

I believe this might be my best episode yet. Make sure to tune in for episode 25! A quarter of the way to 100. What a ride.

God bless!