Episode 22 – Joel Osteen, Starbucks, and Franklin Graham

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Hello and welcome to the pod!


-Today we start out by discussing Joel Osteen and the recent article from PJMedia. This article is highlighting how Lakewood Church brings in 90 MILLION DOLLARS IN REVENUE. I break down the yearly budget on how they spend their 90M and discuss how awful it is on how they spend some of their money. This leads me to the recent blog post by Dr. John MacArthur and his discussion on how important it is to hold these leaders accountable by studying the word for ourselves.


-Howard Shultz has left Starbucks and is believed to be headed on the campaign trail for 2020. Was he fired or did he resign? We discuss.


-Is it okay for Franklin Graham to be promoting a style of activism from the pulpit? Should we separate politics from our churches?


God bless!