Episode 15 – Hybels, NY AG, my Personal Soapbox

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Hello and welcome to the pod!


-The first topic we are discussing is Bill Hybels, a megapastor outside of Chicago. During the Nassar case (Olympic Doc), the Hybels stories were starting to swirl. When they started looking into his story more, he retired six months before he was originally scheduled to retire. The elders of the church originally stated that the charges were untrue, but this past Wednesday they admitted in a statement that some of the charges were in fact true. This is even more proof that as Christian men we need to stay strong and firm in our faith.


-The NY AG has officially resigned, leaving the NY Democrat party in limbo and back tracking quickly from their darling. This is a big story, but as conservatives we need to calm down in regards to destroying this man for political gain. Eventually this will happen to a rising Republican, so we need to calm down a little. I also discuss the challenges facing the NY state government and the legal battles that may ensue.


-The last part of the podcast is discussing God’s will in our lives. As a new brother in Christ, I have been praying for God to use me in whatever way He needs me, which can be very scary. I lived most of my life under a false salvation, so this feeling is new to me. I know that anything He does through my life is good and just, but admitting that I am willing to fully commit to His will is what is scary and unnerving. Do you agree?


God bless