Episode 13 – Iran Deal, Israel, and Christian Men

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Hello and welcome to the pod!


-Today I am first discussing different views of the Iran Deal that was axed by President Trump. Will he scrap this deal and come up with a new one like he is trying to do with TPP and other trade deals? Iran had continued to support terrorism and are now seen chanting DEATH TO AMERICA. Why were we even supporting this country in the first place?


-How will Israel be responding in the aftermath of this deal? The US embassy is moving right along with the road signs being posted this week. Is all of this action in the Middle East the precursor to the end times?


-My co-worker’s husband is gone for a month training to be a flight attendant after moving her from Minnesota to Ohio. Christian woman are great at honoring their husband, but are husbands good at honoring their wives? A popular verse in regards to a Christian marriage is women submitting to their husband. I believe that Christian women are great at following this verse. However, I believe that Christian men are very bad at following the verse saying that husbands shall love their wives as Christ has loved the Church. How can we be good representatives of Christ if we do not follow the commands in the Bible?


God bless