Episode 7 – WHCD and Left Culture


Welcome in to episode 7 of The Founders Podcast!


-Today we will discuss what all happened during the White House Correspondent Dinner and what exactly this means for the culture as a whole, including what is going on in contemporary Christianity.


-As Christians in this current culture, it is more important than ever that we need to stand strong against the pagan culture we live in. We must be away from culture as we are also not of this world as born again Christians.


-I discuss how we need to continue to love the sinner but hate the sin inside of them. I pray for this comedian and those that were laughing and joking along throughout the night. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Mike Pence showed what it means to be true Christians when dealing with adversity. SHS came out of this looking like the remarkable woman that we all hold her to and I believe this was a great night for her and the President.


-This night added to the narrative that the liberal let will hide behind movies and vulgar comedies to support their narrative. They continue to argue that it is okay since it was comedy, but we all know that it went too far, especially with the abortion skit.


-The greatest lesson to take from this night is that it is more important than ever, that as Christians, we continue to separate ourselves from this vulgar and hateful world.


God bless.