Episode 12 – The Importance to Strengthening the Church


Hello and welcome to the pod!


-This episode is rather quick and easy as there was not a lot of news that I had really wanted to discuss.


-I found it interesting this weekend when I saw that Oklahoma and Kansas had passed bills that allowed Christian adoption centers to deny same-sex couples from adopting children among their care. I find this especially interesting when the atheists are outrages, but they are okay when big banks and processing companies will deny services to companies that decide to sell guns.


-There is a growing sense that the Blue Wave will actually occur this November. If this occurs, we can expect a new wave against Christianity as well. This makes it more important than ever to stand strong and firm in our faith and stand firm on our values.


-New polling data has shown that most citizens believe in God. However, this is a little misleading as a minority of those that said they believe in God actually admitted to thinking that Jesus is their Lord and Savior. Without this thought, one is not actually a Christian. If we use this polling data as a rough view of all adults in the United States, Bible-believing Christians are actually the minority.


-The West is the last place on Earth where we can be open about our Christianity and not worry about persecution as experienced in other parts of the world. I believe that this will end within my lifetime, meaning it is even more important that we stand firm in our faith. I suggest studying 1 John and James to help, as it is helping with myself.


God bless.