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Art Azurdia Posts His Confession

Our Support for Art Azurdia Should be Pouring in

I have posted Art Azurdia’s full confession below. This was a very heartfelt letter that he typed on his WordPress blog page. I recently made the mistake of lumping Azurdia in with other pastors that have fallen during the #MeToo movement. I was terribly wrong in this judgement. The post has recently been deleted and I have greatly repented for it. Art is still a great Christian and his repenting heart bleeds through this open letter.

Art Azurdia at the Shepherd’s Conference

Art greatly sinned against his wife and family. This is no argument. From Wretched Radio’s Todd Friel, Azurdia is unqualified for ministry. I might actually disagree with this notion, but only time will tell. Art seems to be repenting for his sin and asked for our forgiveness. Of course we forgive him. We are commanded in scripture to forgive always. How many times has God forgiven you? He has forgiven me thousands and thousands of times and will continue to do so. To not honor that request from a fallen brother is hypocritical.

God bless Art and his family. I have been praying for them during this hardship. It is important that when a sound brother falls that we are there to help him through it. Art may not know who I am, but I have learned a lot from his teaching. This does not make me want to quit listening to his teachings, but it has tainted it for many.

We should also pray for Trinity Church through this difficult time. Our brothers and sisters are hurting. We should pray without ceasing.

Art Azurdia’s Public Confession

July 27, 2018

To my wife and family members, the elders and congregation of Trinity Church, the faculty of Western Seminary, and friends and colleagues both near and abroad . . .

Someone very wise once said: “Pastors must be the chief repenters in a congregation of repenters.” It is important that this proves to be the case now—not because I haven’t yet repented, but because my sin is of such a nature that I need to express my repentance to you.

Several years ago, prior to the inception of Trinity Church, I strayed from my wedding vows, breaking the covenantal bond I made to my dear wife thirty-six years ago. More recently, I again violated my marriage commitment. In both instances I engaged in adulterous relationships that were nothing less than acts of defiance to the will of my God and Father, as well as expressions of profound ingratitude for the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ that I prize so dearly.

I confess this sin and take full responsibility for it. There are no justifications, excuses, or rationalizations for my behavior. I, in acts of idolatry, chose sin over God. I am profoundly ashamed at the enormity of my rebellion, as well as the hypocrisy of exercising ministry while cloaking my sin in the shadows.

I am broken by the magnitude of my offenses to God, the devastation I have inflicted upon my wife, the grief brought to bear upon my children, and the disappointment I have produced among the people with whom I have been privileged to share ministry. Though it is entirely undeserved, I humbly ask you to forgive me for my betrayal of your trust and friendship. With each passing day the fresh awareness of this betrayal breaks my heart in greater and deeper ways, leaving me with nothing but a hope in the accomplishments of the cross to which I desperately cling.

Despite the profound grief and shame, I am deeply thankful to my heavenly Father for graciously exposing this sin and forcing me to turn from it. The promise that He chastises those He loves so that His children might share in His holiness gives me hope and comfort. My present and painful circumstances have become, to both my wife and me, the gracious verifications of God’s Fatherhood and my spiritual paternity.

Because of my sin I have disqualified myself from the office of elder. Furthermore, I have no desire to pursue ministry of any kind. My focus is entirely directed at making right the very thing I have ignored for too long: the well-being of our marriage. This long-term process has already commenced in meetings with experienced counselors and, under their supervision, will be extended to include a team of qualified people who will also contribute to the reestablishment and strengthening of our relationship.

This reprioritized commitment will require us to relocate—in large part, as a response to my wife’s desires and needs, and also to make ourselves available to care fully for my wife’s elderly parents. Consequently, she and I now resign our membership at Trinity Church, freeing the elders to give their entire attention to carefully shepherding the congregation through this season of challenge. Likewise, we are choosing to relinquish the remaining balance of the severance package so kindly extended to us by the elders so as to free Trinity Church from the burden of caring for our financial responsibilities.

I am certain that my sin has brought about waves of divergent emotions in many of you: hurt, confusion, sorrow, anger. All of these are appropriate responses to my failures that your Heavenly Father understands. Moment by moment I feel the heavy weight of inflicting them upon you. If, however, I may appeal to your mercy in Jesus Christ, dear friends, allow me to ask four things of you:

1) Please direct your anger and frustration at me, while extending love and support to my children (who have responded to my repentance and confession with kindness and compassion), and especially to my wife, who has revealed the depth of the gospel’s influence in her life by extending undeserved grace and forgiveness to me. Lori continues to display the likeness of her Heavenly Father in real and palpable expressions that overwhelm me with tearful humility and contrition. Though I have failed her egregiously, I love her deeply and desperately. With God’s help, our family will survive this season and eventually thrive for God’s glory;

2) Please pray for the elders of Trinity Church. I have wounded these brothers deeply, and now a great and unexpected responsibility rests upon their shoulders. Owing to the gospel and the restorative power of the Holy Spirit, however, they can lead Trinity Church into a stronger and more vibrant congregational life that will bear a unique and powerful testimony to the gospel and what it can accomplish;

3) Please pray for the congregation of Trinity Church. This is an extraordinary gathering of diverse people who are consumed with the priorities of worshipping the Triune God and declaring the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. My wife and I have been the consistent recipients of her great love, support, and generosity. Beyond all compare, these eight years at Trinity Church have been our most joyous days in thirty-six years of ministry;

4) Never doubt the gospel and our great Savior, Jesus Christ. I have failed you profoundly, my dear friends, and I do plead for your forgiveness. I love you—albeit with a love that has been marred by great failure. But the gospel of Jesus Christ will never fail you. The fact is, its greatest glory proves most obvious in the context of sin and failure—in this case, my own great sin and failure.

We, in our brokenness and humiliation, now need your prayers.

God bless you,

Art Azurdia


Mega Pastors and #MeToo

There has been a slue of mega church scandals in recent years. I was telling people back when the Catholic Church was going through their scandals that we need to slow our role on attacking the Catholic Church because it will eventually come to roost in evangelicalism. The bird has come to roost.

Two mega pastors have now gone down because of sexual assault in their past. Oddly enough, Paige Patterson from the SBC was vilified in the national media while these two pastors have not had near as much press on their allegations. Why is that?

The Catholic Church has been destroyed because of the sexual abuse that has gone on for years and covered up by officials as high up as the Vatican. This has destroyed trust among Catholics and has tarnished their reputation. The plus with evangelicalism is that we are not a religion that works as a government, so it is easy for us to investigate the allegations and deal out the punishment without political interference.

Art Azurdia

art az

Art was the pastor at Trinity Church of Portland until recent sexual immoral acts have surfaced. After an internal investigation from the elders at Trinity Church, Art Azurdia was eliminated from the pastoral role.

Surprisingly enough, the allegation was brought forth June 24 and he has already been terminated from his position at the church. Below is the statement from the Trinity Church of Portland’s website:

On Sunday, June 24, the elders of Trinity Church of Portland received an accusation that Art Azurdia has been in a sexually immoral relationship with a woman from outside of Trinity Church. The elders of Trinity Church, after an initial investigation, confronted Art with the accusation. Art admitted to the immorality. He also admitted to a previous sexually immoral relationship. Based on these facts and the biblical qualifications required of an elder (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1), the elders have removed Art Azurdia as Senior Minister of Word and Worship at Trinity Church, as an elder, and from all pastoral ministry at Trinity Church. We grieve the shame this brings to the Gospel and the sorrow it brings to God’s people.

Bill Hybels


Willow Creek Community Church was founded in 1975 by Bill Hybels and in April of 2018, Hybels left the church with his tail in-between his legs. Unlike Trinity Church, Willow Creek botched the handling of this internal investigation. Hybels resigned in early April because of an investigation that was published in the Chicago Tribune that highlighted some of the sexual assault accusations.

During the beginning stages of their investigation, the Willow Creek elders and Bill Hybels painted these accusers as liars with Hybels even uttering the words, “The accusations you hear in the Tribune are just flat-out lies”.

In the Christian Post article I found this particular part of the article very interesting:

In May, Pam Orr, then chair of the elder board, admitted that they failed to hold Hybels “accountable to specific boundaries” and not all of the women’s stories were lies.

What exactly do they mean by “accountable to specific boundaries”? I am not quite sure what kind of pastor you feel like he should have been on a tighter leash? I think being a shepherd for the Lord’s sheep is a tight enough leash to know you should be holding yourself accountable and holding yourself to a high standard?

Below is an excerpt of a statement made by Lead Pastor Heather Larson of Willow Creek:

I know these past months have been excruciating, and I want to personally acknowledge to you the mistakes that I have made. I need to speak these words for my own integrity and for our church. I need to publicly apologize to the women who raised concerns about Bill.

To the women directly, I can’t imagine how painful the past months have been for you, and I am so sorry for my part in that.

It was stated that the allegations are all lies, and I do not believe that. I should have jumped in and declared that personally right away when that statement was made. I believe the stories that Bill had interactions that were hurtful to these women. That is wrong, and I hope and pray that someday this can be made right.

You can read her whole statement here, along with statements from other elders.

What do we do with these scandals?

When you are a true born again Christian, there are certain actions you do not partake in. There are certain boundaries brought to you through the Holy Spirit. Like we read in 1 John during our podcasts, if you are in Christ the seed is in you and you cannot sin. “Cannot sin” refers to perpetually living in sin. So what do we do about these pastors?

Scandals have rocked the Christian faith since the beginning of the faith. In this new age of the #metoo movement, it is even more important for pastors to be buttoned up with no skeletons in the closet. The larger the church, however, we often find the most skeletons.

Why is this?

willow creek

I personally believe that the mega churches in the world are primarily focused on revenues and not leading people to be disciples of Christ as we are called to do in the Great Commission. They are more worried about their personal social media following than their impact on the local community. They are more worried about earthly treasures than stocking up treasures in heaven.

I am not here to say that mega churches are all rotten to the core, but that these churches often breed earthly lusts that can spiral out of control. For the pastors out there sinning in their private lives, they often forget this passage of scripture. This passage should shake them to their core, especially if they are caught living in sin:

‘Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment. ‘ James 3:1

So many men want to be pastors, but how many are prepared for this judgement?

God bless

7/7/18 – “Sexual Assault Allegations” under Art Azurdia has changed to “Sexual immoral acts”. There is a big difference between the two and I should have been careful w my wording.