Ryan Ries, Todd Friel, Jason A, OH MY!

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Most Influential: Jason A, Ryan Ries, Todd Friel

Jason A

This YouTube channel is by far my favorite among Christian channels. Jason A focuses mostly on the latest Ted Talks, end time watch, and the Illuminati in music/Hollywood. Jason A is rather mysterious, however, as he never speaks or shows his face. His videos are solely based on the latest articles or news clippings. He edits his videos so well that you do not even realize you just watched a 20 minute video.

Attached below is my favorite video of his, highlighting Jared Kushner.

Live With Ryan Ries

Ryan Ries has a testimony that might make your skin crawl. However, it will also show you the power of the Holy Spirit.

Ryan was as secular as secular gets. He chased the lusts of this world and got to experience all of them. Drugs, sex, and alcohol consumed his life before turning to Christ in an airplane.

The video posted below is a chilling tale of his life before Christ. Ryan now runs a very entertaining radio program. The radio/podcast is called ‘Live with Ryan Ries”. He is live every Saturday night. Being based out of California I cannot listen to him live, so I settle for the podcast.

Ryan is very in tune with the current new age/ word of faith movement since he is based out of California. Ryan goes into these groups and atheistic circles to preach the true Gospel. I can see Christ using Ryan is amazing ways.

Wretched Radio with Todd Friel

The greatest Christian podcast award goes to Wretched Radio with Todd Friel.

I owe Wretched Radio at least a sliver of credit for opening my eyes to my wretched ways. Todd has a great way of preaching the truth without being judgmental. He has also introduced me to so many great pastors that fill up my YouTube playlists.

Todd Friel runs the radio program while also doing daily video clips. His “Too Wretched for Radio” series has been a great addition to my Monday afternoons. On Wednesdays, Friel is joined by Ray Comfort to witness to those that they can talk to live on the radio.





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