Young Earth Theory: Christianity’s Foundation?

project GIFThe Young Earth Theory Debate

The young earth theory is one of the most hotly debated Biblical topics. Instead of taking the Holy Bible for what it says, people are skewing the Biblical account of creation to fit their agenda.

I certainly disagree with the notion that believing in an old earth or gap theory is blasphemous, but it is rather troubling. The thought that we can put millions of years between 1:1 and 1:2 is a slippery slope. Using this logic we can ultimately skew any passage in the Bible to our liking. This practice is sadly used throughout the Bible to promote secular views that we are biased towards.

Atheistic Peer Pressure

I believe most people argue against a young earth because they have succumbed to atheistic peer pressure. Science has been spearheading the evolutionary, old earth theology to “prove” that the Bible is false. If they can prove that then they can discredit the entirety of the Bible.

Just think about it for a second. If an atheist can get a Christian to fold on the age of the earth then they can slowly discredit other parts of the Bible.

I argue constantly that it is perfectly fine to believe, and argue for, the biblical interpretation of the age of the earth. The book of Genesis is in the Bible for a reason. If the Biblical interpretation of the creation of the earth was incorrect, it would not be in the Bible. The entirety of the Bible is breathed from God through the authors and to argue that the text is “a story” is troubling at best.

Gap Theory?

I have a loved one who believes in the gap theory. I have no doubt that he will be with me in heaven one day. But to succumb to atheistic scientific “evidence” over the infallible word of God saddens me.

Sometimes I wonder if we try to dissect the Bible too much. We are always looking for a “new find”. I feel as if we have tried to become Nicholas constitution GIFCage from National Treasure trying to find the hidden clue in the Bible. I also wonder if Genesis accounted for the gap theory if those people would then argue for a young earth.

In conclusion, I believe that the young earth theory is the foundation for Christianity. But, I do not believe it is an automatic stamp against your salvation if you happen to disagree. I just like being on the side that has Biblical text backing it instead of relying on secular sciences.

God bless


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