Evangelicalism in the Trump Era

Before I start with this blog posting I want to make one thing clear: I voted for Donald Trump to become the President of the United States.

I wanted to throw that statement  out there because I will automatically be labeled a never-Trumper with this posting, but this viewpoint is coming from an evangelical perspective.

The Loyalty to Trump

Trump loyalty started in the middle of the Presidential campaign race before his election in 2016. The world has been forever changed after he was seen headed down his escalator to announce that he was running for President. No one truly believed him, which might have been why he was so eager and focused to run and win.

donald trump shrug GIF by Election 201617 people from all different backgrounds decided to run for the Republican nomination for President. Even the governor of my home state of Ohio, Governor Kasich, was attempting to win the nomination. Looking back now, allowing 17 different candidates could have very well been the reason that Trump won the nomination.

theresa may GIF by alexa kerrThere were 16 different political and business leaders vying for the nomination over Donald Trump. 16 different faces but seemingly one voice coming from all of them. Sure, the field was diverse, but there was no diverse opinion among them. 8 years of Barrack Obama left the Republican party tired of political correct garbage and hungry for a fresh face and voice.

Insert Donald Trump here.

As evangelicals we overlooked the personal flaws that Trump carried with him. His personal past with women, his treatment of Fiorina, Bush, Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich was all overlooked to overcome the political norm.

We were all ready for change and we received it. We elected a non – Christian New York democrat who tells it like it is.

Trump secured the evangelical backing because he had announced Mike Pence as his Vice President. Pence is an evangelical conservative from the state of Indiana who most likely will become a President in his future based on his popularity among evangelical conservatives like myself.

A year and a half into his presidency Donald Trump is shaping up to be the most conservative President we have had in decades according to some political commentators. His brash Twitter interactions are overlooked because of his middle of the road common sense views on various issues. His “shoot from the hip” style was portrayed during the campaign and has not wavered from that during his Presidency.

Some of us voted for Donald Trump and some of us did not. We should not, however, waver from praying for the man’s success and for God’s Will to be brought through Donald Trump.

Brothel Owner Wins NV Primary

dennis hofDennis Hof, the famed “pimp” from the HBO series, “Cathouse”, won the NV Republican primary and will probably win the House seat in November. Hof has even written a book titled, “The Art of the Pimp”, which is a play on Trump’s famed book. Below is a quote from his interview with Rolling Stone:

“He’s the Christopher Columbus of politics in my mind. All I’m doing is following him to the new world”

alex jones sudden realization GIFHof’s campaign was also helped by the infamous Roger Stone who you might know from watching InfoWars. Stone has also been all over mainstream news as one of the faces of the Russian investigation.

As I have written and talked about before in my podcast, Pastor Victor Fuentes is backing Hof and will be putting his full support behind the candidate. Fuentes came out with a statement, which is posted below:

“We have politicians, they might speak good words, not sleep with prostitutes, be a good neighbor. But by their decisions, they have evil in their heart. Dennis Hof is not like that”

Politics v Our Faith

I find it interesting when people are so eager to put their political beliefs above their faith and values. Tribal politics has reached a boiling point in this country.

Donald Trump is not a Christian, but from recent reports and an interview from Mike Pence, Trump is very eager for them to pray before meetings. This is a good sign as it signals that President Trump might indeed be converted. Let’s hope that God leads him into a true salvation!

As a Republican I can agree with the sentiment that we have been led by spineless politicians who are more worried about re election than they are about making an actual difference for this nation. This anger and belief overflowed during the 2016 Presidential campaign and we decided to vote for the “outsider”.

Since being elected, Trump has actually led us down a very conservative path. The economy and economic confidence among citizens is booming. Unemployment rates are dropping steadily and he seems to be pioneering the movement to a more protective view on international trade with other nations.

But at what point are we going to put our faith before political victories? I thought that Donald Trump was a far enough stretch for us, but now we nominate a brothel owner? At what point is it too far for us?

God has complete control over everything that has happened and will happen in our political environment. Things may be murky during the storm, but God will bring His Will through it at the end. If we are truly in the last of days as so many of us believe, then we better buckle up and pray because things for this nation will only get worse! God is in control with everything that happens in our great nation and I think we have fallen too far into secular thinking in the political realm. Sure, we should not disengage with politics altogether, but it is as important as ever that we have strong evangelicals in Washington. If we lose there, there will be no hope for us on Main Street.

God bless


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