Are we Headed for a Civil War?

I cannot be alone in the feeling that everyone is excited for the pending Civil War that seems to be swirling in mainstream media. The economy is booming, plagues are almost eradicated in the developed world, and we have more personal wealth on average than any other time in history. People living in apartments are technically living better than the wealthiest people did when Jesus walked this earth.

So why the hooplah over a pending Civil War?

founding fathers

Fighting is seemingly coded into our DNA living in America. We were founded in bloodshed so we could live in freedom from an oppressive government that controlled every decision we made. The founding fathers, a group of ordinary men, banded together to dedicate their lives for the chance that we might be able to live in freedom.

God had a great role in the founding of our great nation and he has a role in everything that happens on this Earth. (Which brings me to my main point)

There has been a lot of press revolving around the recent election of a 28 yr old Socialist in New York. A pretty face to a booming movement, the socialist left is hoping they can change the face of their movement from Bernie Sanders to this young woman. God has a role in this.

michael moore america GIF by Michael Moore's WHERE TO INVADE NEXT

Michael Moore is going around stating that it is the time to fight Trump. He has stated that this is the hill to die on if it means keeping Trump from appointing a Supreme Court Justice that could overturn Roe v Wade. This might be a way for Moore to get more publicity, but we should take it as a legitimate threat. God has a role in this.

freedom GIF

I have a lot of freedom-loving friends that are discussing what would happen if we were in a Civil War. I love freedom, but I feel as if I am the only one here talking about how we should avoid a Civil War? God has a role in this.

I worry about the thought of a Civil War. With an eight month old son, I feel as if his life will forever be altered if we allow him to grow up under a Civil War. It seems as if the collective population that wants a Civil War has given up on civil discourse. The democratic republic that the founding fathers fought for should be able to withstand this. We survived our first Civil War, but could we survive a second?

The nation is extremely divided of issues that cannot effect their salvation. Sure, the decisions that our elected officials make can alter and change the lifestyle that we had hoped and worked hard for, but it cannot take our salvation. We have to remember that God is sovereign and everything is working for His Will.


Dietrich Bonhoeffer was an amazing Christian, growing up and thriving in Nazi Germany during Hitler’s reign. Not necessarily thriving on personal wealth or professional power, but thriving in his pursuit to stand with his beliefs and values while the nation plummets into Nazism. If you have not studied this great man, I suggest you do, as his lifestyle and what he went through can help navigate the waters of today. I know it is commonplace to compare Trump to Hitler and I want to make it clear I am not doing that. I am just stating that we can learn from this man to stand tall in our faith while everyone around us degrades into filth.

I remember reading in his book where he was discussing war with his rival in the class. Dietrich was for war while his rival was not. The “check mate” comment that his rival said — and I am paraphrasing here — was, “If a Christian kills another Christian based on the disagreements of the country, is it okay?”

This causes Dietrich to stumble as it did for me as well. What is the point of all of this if you are going to kill another Christian? What is a more important battle, the battle for lost souls or for your side to win?

God bless


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