Thabiti Anyabwile and Trump Derangement Syndrome

Quotes from Thabiti Anyabwile are taken from his article in The Washington Post.

Ah yes, Trump Derangement Syndrome has taken root in modern evangelicalism and it has just hit its peak with the recent article in The Washington Post from Thabiti Anyabwile. Thabiti is a pastor in the Washington D.C. area, leading the Anacostia River Church. To no ones surprise, Thabiti is apart of TGC, or “The Gospel Coalition”. This group, in summation, is leading the annoying movement of social Marxism within the modern evangelical church.

I have mixed feelings about TGC as most of the council is made up of pastors and church leaders that I really enjoy. My admiration for these men, however, is becoming rather tainted due to the “degree of separation” rule we must apply in Christianity today. This rule, in summation, is the rule of how close you can be to a false teacher or false gospel movement. Being a working part of TGC would put them within one degree of separation from a false gospel movement.

TGC can be dismantled with one book: The Holy Bible. What are Christians supposed to do about racism, sexism, etc.? Read and be students of the gospel, to become more like Jesus Christ, as we are commanded. The great commission is to go out into the world and make disciples. When I read the NT I never once get an inkling of having to oppress women or minority groups and if we are being honest, TGC does not either. But to garner clicks and social media attention, TGC leaders have chosen to cling onto secular arguments to boost their fame among the world. They have traded in being stewards of the Word for worldly desires and fame.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has taken full hold of Thabiti and it will be interesting to see his fellow TGC brothers and their responses to his statement. My guess is that we will not see anything.

In sheer numbers, more lives are ended by legalized abortion. Christians are correct to focus energy and concern on ending the practice. But in quieter, sometimes less observable ways, the carnage mounts in racial injustice and discrimination.

Take this quote, for example. Thabiti is agreeing that abortion statistics are vile ONLY to turn it back around to argue the carnage of racial injustice and discrimination. He fails to admit, however, that abortion and Planned Parenthood were brought into this country by Margaret Sanger, who was a racist and wanted to wipe out the black race altogether.

The potential nomination of a potential pro-life judge does not, in my opinion, alleviate the concerns I have about the racial injustices this same administration seems to multiply each day. What many evangelicals don’t seem to understand is they’re turning blind eyes to their brethren suffering at the hands of this administration for the long-held hope of overturning Roe. I’m for overturning Roe, but I’m also for protecting black and brown lives from racism and the kind of criminalization that swells our prisons and devastates communities or separates families at the borders.

What is interesting with Thabiti and others that hold this position is that black unemployment is lower than it has ever been. I find it odd that TGC and other evangelical leaders continue to use this racial argument in 2018 when the evidence simply is not there. In micro cases, sure, racism is still here, and will continue to be until Jesus comes back to reign on Earth during the Second Coming.

The same blue collar democrats that voted for Barrack Obama turned around and voted for Donald Trump. We had a black President for two terms and two AG’s in Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch who are also black. Trump also brought into the White House to discuss racial issues ex-NFL players such as Jim Brown and Ray Lewis, and HIRED BEN CARSON to be the HUD SECRETARY. Or is he an “Uncle Tom” because he works for President Trump and is a Republican?

Thabiti has been sickened by Trump Derangement Syndrome and I am afraid it is starting to take root in evangelicalism. We have a monumental opportunity to overturn Roe v Wade and all Thabiti can think about is that he does not want President Trump to be associated with such a monumental victory. I have to wonder, if Trump came to Thabiti to repent of his sins and turn his life to Jesus Christ and ask to be baptized, would Thabiti honor that request?

Phil Johnson’s Twitter timeline greatly summarizes my views on this whole topic. Enjoy:

God bless


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