Is Scripture Sufficient for you?

If you read my blog post discussing how I rejected sharing my faith as Peter did, I discussed how the lady was having a difficult time and discussing her problems with her friend. She was asking why God heals some but does not heal others. My heart wept for her, but I did not act on it. I worry and my heart crumbles at the thought of what she might go through after I decided not to act on the Holy Spirit telling me to talk with her and to comfort her.

The sufficiency of scripture is something that is being attacked today in modern Christianity. You see plenty of false teachers discussing how they have conversations with God outside of the Holy Bible. Why is this? It is because speaking the true Word of God is not usually financially beneficial. False teachers like Creflo Dollar, Jessie Duplantis, Joel Osteen, and Rod Parsley just to name a few of these false teachers that proclaim they talk with God. Creflo Dollar and Duplantis are probably the most egregious, especially with Duplantis just discussing how God told him to purchase a new jet (of course, with the help of your dime).

The word of faith movement and the health and wealth gospel has greatly diminished the true Word of God, leading millions into a false salvation and false hope in Jesus Christ. Submitting your life to the Will of God has changed to “What can God do for me?”. We have turned God into a “small g god” by finding ways he can help our prosperity on Earth instead of what He can do through us to proclaim His Will.

What was most troubling to me was what she said when it came to a sign she received from the Holy Spirit. She was planning on giving up (I don’t know on what), but when she walked into her living room, a false teacher said, “Now don’t you give up” on television. Could this have been a sign from the Most High God, or was it simply just a coincidence?

Can God perform miracles here on Earth? Of course, we see it in medicine all the time. One day someone has stage four cancer, the next visit it shows that the cancer is all gone. That is a miracle. There was a homosexual man that was shot at the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando and when he survived, he turned his life around, repented of his sin and is now a follower for Christ. That is a miracle God used for His glory.

But why is there such a pull for God to speak to us outside of scripture? Why is it not sufficient enough for God to speak to us through our studies? The gospel has been so watered down for modern Christianity that when we face hard times, we often find ourselves leaving the church altogether. Why is this?

As followers of Christ we have decided not to read our Bible. We do not read and we do not pray. But when hard times come we cry out, “Why has He abandoned me?” We have pushed him out of our own daily lives but when hard times come, we blame Him for his abandonment.

What did the disciples do in their hard, torturous deaths? These men were the disciples of Christ and the payment of that on this Earth were terrible, gruesome deaths. But what was their response? They worshiped and expressed their love for Christ.

In 2018 when hard times come our way we decide to blame God and harden our hearts towards him.

“Why do bad things happen to good people?”

I would respond to this by asking what constitutes as a good person. In the 1600s a good person would be vastly different than what a good person is today. A good person in secular terms is based on the era that they are born.

The Holy Text is clear on who we are: Wretched souls that only have a chance because of Jesus Christ. There is nothing that we can do here on Earth that can change that and there is nothing that we can do here on Earth to earn our salvation. Our actions have been sinful and evil and will continue to be. Our hearts and mind are wretched and vile. But Christ has given us a chance, to live in repentance and turn away from our wicked souls. To follow Him instead of following the world.

So the next time you find yourself in a difficult time, study the Word, repent of your sins, and pray that you are fully ready to be used by God for His Will, no matter the cost. Under a true salvation, it is evident to each and every one of us that we are wretched and evil souls, fighting against our flesh that fights against God every day. Our only hope is repentance and following Christ, no matter the cost in our personal lives.

18I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues which are written in this book; 19and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city, which are written in this book.

Revelation 22: 18,19 is clear: If you add to the Bible, you will receive the plagues that are in the Bible. God is very clear on this topic, the sufficiency of scripture is enough for our walk on Earth. We can take comfort in knowing that Christ is in control of everything on Earth. Our focus should not be here, but on eternal salvation and doing His Will.


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