Episode 21 – Memorial Day Reflection and Studying 1John 2:17-19

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Hello again and welcome to the pod!


-I start out this podcast by discussing my reflection and thoughts during this Memorial Day while in prayer. I first discuss the dedication and powerful motivation of our service men and women that are willing to lay down their life for our freedoms. I also discuss the things we can learn from these service members and their dedication, both fighting for our country and our enemies and how we can learn from those people to help strengthen our motivation to fight for Christianity. These service members that have died for us also shows us that we need to stay focused and diligent in our focus on how our government operates and wanting a better future for our children.


-We start discussing 1John faster than usual as I want to change the format of the podcast a little bit. I want to start weaving my discussions into what we will read and study in the podcast instead of just reading a few articles before discussing our reading.


-Today John writes in verses 17 – 19 warning us about lusting after the world and focusing on a world that is a temporary one, run by the evil one. We must focus on our eternal salvation and the permanent world where we can spend our days in full worship of our Lord Jesus Christ. What is more important? The gains of this world or the eternal salvation promised to us through the Bible?


-I am slowly learning how to do a better job through my podcasts and will be redoing my podcast website here soon. I want to thank you bearing these first episodes as it has been a learning experience. I started this podcast thinking about being a Steven Crowder/ Ben Shapiro mold, but have quickly turned into a strong Christian podcast. I feel like that is my calling and I thank you all for praying for me through this journey as I pray for you.


God bless


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