Episode 20 – Divorce, Single Parenting, 1John 2:15,16

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Hello and welcome to the pod!


-Today we are diving into divorce rates and single parenting rates in the United States. I had planned on discussing other topics today, but a tweet I saw on Ben Shapiro’s Twitter feed sent me down the worm hole in researching divorce within the church and in the United States as a whole.


-I have the articles of my research posted at the bottom of this blog, but I wanted to dive into the disgusting statistics of divorce and marriage rates. Overall, marriage rates are steadily decreasing and have been for quite some time, but divorce rates are decreasing at a slower rate. This means that yes, divorce is in fact decreasing, but at a slower rate than the decline of marriages. Divorce rates are still relatively high compared to recent history, but marriage rates are the lowest that they have ever been.


-The Second topic today that I dive into is the single mother statistics. Currently, there are around 17.2 million children under the age of 18 that are living in a single parent household. This will not sustain the current culture that we live in today. Our culture continues to degrade and the main cause of this is broken families. Broken families and marriages destroy the lives that they influence.


-The most disgusting stats that I dive into on the podcast today are the divorce rates among evangelical Christians. Divorce rates are indeed lower than secular Americans, but the rates among Church goers are still disgusting and disheartening. Divorce is the elephant in the sanctuary when it comes to disciplining church members. I believe that we do not address divorce within our Church body because we know that the sanctuary is made up of broken families and if we preach on the importance of a strong family bond, those affected by divorce may leave to the Church down the street that does not stress this importance.


-(21:14) We are discussing our next two verses in the 1John study through the NASB John MacArthur Study Bible. These two verses a seasoned pastor could do a whole sermon series on. The thing we have to worry about as Christians is the constant battle between putting Christ above the lusts of this world.


God bless!


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