Episode 18 – 1John2:3-6, Romney

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Hello and welcome to the pod!


-Today we start off the podcast by discussing 1John 2:3-6. I start by discussing my views on the passage in general, especially when it comes to false salvation. It might sound like I harp on this subject a lot, but it is something that I was brought out of, so I find that I can relate to how easy it can be to be under this. 1John and other books such as James help greatly in dealing with false salvation. It is important to love these sinners and children of Christ, but it is also as important to try and drive them out of the false salvation they live under. Think about it in this sense: Is it worse to be awkward around them and witness, or to think that they could live in eternal Hell if they pass before you get a chance to witness? John MacArthur’s commentary on this section of 1John gives a great viewpoint of the topics that John is trying to convey in his book.


-After the quick Bible study I discuss the article that was discussing Romney’s views on Dr. Jeffress. I believe that this was important to expose Mormonism and their beliefs on how we can achieve eternal salvation in different ways. This was a news story that received very little coverage, both because I think that it would expose Mormonism and Romney is still beloved by the media establishment.


God bless


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