Episode 17 – Admiring God’s Creation, 1John 2:1-2, Calvinism

Hello and welcome to the pod!
-I go on a long discussion about admiring God’s creation while seeing a nest of baby birds at work. What a blessing to live on this Earth. I will also dive a little deep into the spirituality of Ben Shapiro and his sharing of the article discussing how Octopus eggs fell from space and planted into the Earth.. that is how we got Octopus on the planet. And people say were are nuts for believing in a young Earth and Noah’s Ark? Sheesh.
-Our next study of 1John brings us to the first two verses of the second chapter. We discuss these verses, go over MacArthur’s notes, and discuss my future plans on studying the election on this podcast. MacArthur dives a little bit into the election with the second verse in this chapter, which may lead us into a wormhole studying the election after we go through 1John. I have grown to really love this book of the Bible and feel like it may take us longer than previously thought to go through it.
-I have been listening to Soteriology 101 and Dr. Leighton Flower’s beliefs against Calvinism and why he eventually left that belief for free will. I have found this podcast to be very informative and I would suggest that you all listen to his recent podcasts where he plays his debate with Dr. James White. I found it very informative and I was pleased to hear the two of them come away still viewing each other brothers in Christ Jesus. If we do not come away with this result after every debate with fellow believers, then we are not debating correctly!
God bless.

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