Episode 16 – 1John 1:6-10, False Salvation, and Abortion Billboards

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Hello and welcome to the pod!


-Today I start out by discussing my current reading through 1John. If you have been listening to the pod, you have heard me discuss the John MacArthur challenge of reading 1John for 30 days in the row. I have been reading the same text so much recently that I have decided to go verse by verse each podcast, discuss what I have interpreted, and discuss the notes that MacArthur has left through his Study Bible. All readings are through the NASB.


-Through the text in verses 6-10 it is discussing the overall theme of false salvation. I discuss and question if you know someone that is under a false salvation, or if you have been through it yourself. I have been under a false salvation for most of my life and I am unashamed to discuss it. I think it is a great opportunity to witness to young men that might fall into the same traps as I. Later in our 1John discussion we will actually hit on things that sent me into a spiral throughout my young life before I met my wife.


-In the ending of the blog we discuss the recent news of a Cleveland Pro-Life group taking the offensive and putting up a billboard that discusses the systematic racism related to the origins of Planned Parenthood. Is it okay as Christians to take the offensive through the same tactics as pagans? What is our main goal? To win their lives for Christ, not to win the battle over who’s idea is correct.


God bless!


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