Episode 9 – Federal Education Enslavement

Hello and welcome to the pod!

– As usual, I spend the most of this pod off track, but eventually we get to the article and topic that I wanted to discuss today.

– The homeschooling movement is continuing to be demonized each and every day, but the federal education system is praised?

– We spend billions and billions of dollars per year on the state education system, but our literacy rates are falling among other developed nations. Is this by design?

– The importance of education, especially reading and writing, is the portal that can open our children to new possibilities. The slaves were never allowed to learn how to read and write, which was by design. If the slaves cannot read or write, then they are dependent on their plantation master. Are we entering a new era of slavery?

– Slavery in the 21st century will be different than before, but the concept will be the same. We will get nice paychecks, but that will be used to rent an apartment and drive a leased car. You will be getting paid enough at your position to where you will not be able to leave given your education level.

– Reading and writing can lead us into new territories. Teaching our children how to read, write, and think for themselves will lead to greater innovations long after we have left this earth. Keeping our children from learning will keep them from staying away from state dependency.


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